6-pt Impact Sockets Long Length - 1/4" Sq Drive (MM)

  • Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability.

  • Rounded corners on hex and square opening for stress relief.

Part Number Opening SizeLengthD1D2TStyleFeatureNote
10502 5mm 50.8mm 9.1mm 13mm 2.5mm A
10552 5.5mm 50.8mm 9.7mm 13mm 2.9mm A
10602 6mm 50.8mm 10.3mm 13mm 3.7mm A
10702 7mm 50.8mm 11.6mm 13mm 3.7mm A
10802 8mm 50.8mm 12.8mm 13mm 5.2mm A
10902 9mm 50.8mm 14.1mm 14.1mm 5.7mm B
11002 10mm 50.8mm 15.6mm 15.6mm 5.7mm B
11102 11mm 50.8mm 16.6mm 16.6mm 6.6mm B
11202 12mm 50.8mm 17.8mm 17.8mm 7.3mm B
11302 13mm 50.8mm 19.1mm 19.1mm 7.3mm B
11402 14mm 50.8mm 20.7mm 20.7mm 8.3mm B
  • - Diamond Tip
  • - Stainless Steel
  • - Titanium Nitride
  • - Extra Hard