Hex Ball + Hex L-Keys - Metric

  • Made from S2 modified shock resistant steel for professional performance and durability.

  • Proprietary precision CNC machined tips for excellent fit in fastener recess.

  • Hex ball drive allows you to fasten at different angles in hard to reach places.

  • 2 drive ends for versatility.

Part Number Tip SizeL1 x L2
HB015L 1.5mm 14mm x 77mm
HB020L 2mm 16mm x 82mm
HB025L 2.5mm 18mm x 88mm
HB030L 3mm 20mm x 98mm
HB040L 4mm 24mm x 104mm
HB050L 5mm 28mm x 116mm
HB055L 5.5mm 29mm x 127mm
HB060L 6mm 32mm x 138mm
HB070L 7mm 34mm x 138mm
HB080L 8mm 36mm x 158mm
HB100L 10mm 40mm x 168mm
  • - Diamond Tip
  • - Stainless Steel
  • - Titanium Nitride
  • - Extra Hard